All our classes are designed to work around you. We are flexible with our class hours so that you are able to book classes without being locked into any specific time.

We do require at least two participants in each class and will close a class 12 hours prior if no clients have booked the class.

Please note our cancellation policy.
If you cancel 12 hours outside of your booking, the class will be credited back to your account.
If you cancel in less than 12 hours before your class, or do not turn up to a booked session, your class will be classified as a late cancellation and credited as a missed class. This is to ensure plenty of time for other clients to have access to booking a class time in the event that they are on a waitlist. The cancellation policy is in place to minimise disruption to other client’s booking and as a courtesy to our instructors. We appreciate your understanding and respect of our instructor’s time.

Please read our terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up for our packs. By signing up to our packs you agree to our terms and conditions.