Please read through the following terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up for our packs. When you sign up, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

General terms and conditions

  1. Payments for classes must be made prior to booking.
  2. We require at least two clients for a class to operate. If there are less than two, we will contact you to let you know if the class will be cancelled. Classes will be credited back to your account in this event
  3. Cancellations outside of 7 hours of a class start time will have the client’s class credited back to them.
  4. Cancellations inside 7 hours or an absence without cancellation will see the client forfeit that class
  5. We reserve the right to restrict clients from attending a class for safety reasons or if there has been no medical clearance after a medical procedure
  6. Class packs are valid from the first class booked until the expiry date as specified by the type of pack purchased (14 days, monthly, three months, yearly)
  7. Extensions of packs can only be given for medical reasons. A Doctor or registered health care provider must provide a medical certificate in order for the pack to be frozen during injury/diagnosis and will then be extended when the client is fit to return to exercise.
  8. PERFORM PILATES has the right to terminate a clients account in the event of inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour which occurs on our premises or is directed at other clients or our staff.
  9. In the event of sickness, a late cancel will be forfeited on the presentation of a valid medical certificate form a Doctor within 24 hours. Forfeits of late cancellations are only to be made in these circumstances.
  10. The studio is able to extend your pack in the event that you require compassionate leave.


  1. If a class is full, we are able to offer a waitlist position.
  2. Please be observant of wether you are a waitlist client or booked. This can be confirmed in your account settings.
  3. Clients who are booked into the class have preference of a Reformer over a waitlist client.
  4. It is the client’s responsibility to check in as to wether they have moved into the class or are still on a waitlist
  5. Client’s on waitlists are welcome to come down to the studio to claim a spot on a Reformer in the event of a no show or late cancellation.

New client special

  1. This pack is available to all new clients of our studio. This pack can be purchased once only and is non refundable and transferable. The pass will activate from the first day of your booking and all classes must be used in 14 days. No extensions will be give on these packs.
  2. Clients who purchase the pack more than once will have their accounts suspended and will be charged any additional class costs they may have incurred.

Monthly packs

  1. Monthly packs activate form the clients first booking and operate over the specified time frame.
  2. In the event of a promotion, it is possible to purchase more than one monthly pack to store in the clients account. Please make contact with the studio before the special ends in order to arrange this.
  3. If you require a freeze for more than 7 days on your pass, please contact the studio in advance.

6 month packs

  1. This pack entitles the client to unlimited classes for 6 months at our studio.
  2. The 6 month pack does not entitle the client to unlimited late cancels or no shows. In the event that the client late cancels or no shows, the client will be charged a late cancellation fee of $20 which will be processed automatically via the stored credit card 24 hours after the class.
  3. If the clients credit card details are incorrect in the Mindbody system, the clients 6 monthly pack will be frozen until the correct details have been entered.
  4. The 6 monthly pack operates over a 6 month period and is not able to be forfeited or refunded.
  5. The pack can be transferred to another client in the event of a client move. The remainder of the pack can be transferred to another client for the processing fee of $150.
  6. From time to time, this pack comes with studio merchandise, depending on the promotional material of the time.
  7. Please contact the studio directly at for more information and to arrange your purchase.
  8. If you require a freeze for more than 7 days on your pass, please contact the studio in advance.

Challenge packs

These packs are tailored specifically for clients in the challenge and cannot be purchased outside challenge times. Purchase of these packs are to be done in studio or via direct deposit.

  1. Challenge packs are to be used during the specified time frame and cannot be extended outside of the challenge time frame.
  2. Challenge packs may only be used during the challenge period.
  3. A late cancel will be issued to clients who cancel outside of the 12 hour time frame and for failing to cancel and/or for not showing up.
  4. If the client would like to complete the challenge but has run out of classes in the pack due to late cancels, it is the clients responsibility to purchase a new monthly pack in order to complete the challenge.
  5. Any active classes in the challenge clients account will be put on hold during the challenge and will be re activated after the challenge.

Weekly packs

  1. Weekly packs are activated on the day of your first class and then operate for 7 days after this date. Classes are to be used in this time frame.

Gift vouchers

  1. Gift cards can be used to purchase goods or classes at PERFORM PILATES.
  2. Gift cards are non transferable and non refundable.
  3. All purchases are final and in accordance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission