Please read the following before you come into our studio to manage Covid safe practice:

Before coming to the studio, please read the following information to ensure that we are all doing our best to maintain Covid safe Practice:


What you can do:

Please show courtesy by waiting outside the studio before your class starts to allow previous class to exit

Wash and sanitise your hands before class starts

Bring your own water, towel and socks (we will no longer be supplying courtesy towels). We respectfully request that you arrive with these items and will refuse entry to any clients who do not bring these items. We are able to sell socks and hand towels before you start the class. Please let your instructor know.

Wipe down your Reformer before and after class.

We are also unable to supply non-slip mats as a courtesy but do have them for you to purchase. Please see your instructor before class to make this purchase.


What we are doing:

Cleaning and sanitising stations at each reformer

Storage cubes at each reformer to ensure 1.5 metre social distance

Spacing Reformers beyond the 1.5m Government requirements.

Using strap covers that can be easily cleaned after workout (the option to use cleaned and rested weights is also available to you if you would prefer not to use straps). Please let your instructor know before class so you can get the weights

Increasing our cleaning protocol between classes

Using one prop only during our multiform class and then cleaning and resting props for 7 days between usage

Stopping the sharing of any small use items


If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home and rest. We will be ready to do Pilates with you again when you feel better.